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The Intelligent Debt Solution

Each day, thousands of Americans find that their debt levels are becoming difficult to manage. Abbot Debt Consolidation helps families like yours consolidate their debt by negotiating a better settlement with your creditors, and lowering total principal. We do this without a loan, which means you need not own a car or home to be accepted for our program

With our debt consolidation program, we can reduce your unsecured debt by as much as 50% or more. In fact, since 1990 our experienced staff has eliminated millions of dollars worth of interest payments and principal on personal and commercial accounts. So if you are finding yourself overwhelmed by debt, or are looking for a real, non-damaging alternative to bankruptcy, Abbot Debt Consolidation is here to help.

Working For You, Not Your Creditors
Abbot Debt Consolidation is not a credit counseling service. Credit counseling services typically work for your creditors, and take a percentage of what you owe them. Consumers who use enter credit counseling type programs are expected to pay back 100% of their debt through small monthly payments. Quite often, this results in a higher total debt load than what was there to begin with.

A Solution Based On Your Needs
Abbot does not attempt to fit you into our program; instead, we tailor our program to best fit you. An Abbot debt counselor will evaluate your financial situation to tailor our program to meet your needs. We take your financial and personal circumstances into account to give you an honest evaluation of the best way to resolve your debt.

Abbot Debt Consolidation has dealt with all major creditors, and continue to obtain settlements for our clients that are significantly less than principal. Although individual results may vary, Abbot typically settles client debt for as little as 50% of the total outstanding balance. Let us demonstrate our commitment to you today by contacting us here for a free consultation.

We also encourage you to read about the Abbot process and some of our client success stories. We thank you for visiting our website today, and are pleased to be able to serve you.

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