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About Abbot

Abbot Debt Consolidation is an Idaho organization that assists consumers and business people encountering burdensome levels of unsecured debt. We began serving consumers as far back as 1990, and have a breadth of experience dealing with debt issues.

Abbot Debt Consolidation professional debt counselors help you set up a customized debt consolidation program by working directly with you. This way, we can create a realistic budget that balances your income with living expenses. We have seen great benefits by directly involving the person who is most important in the debt consolidation process - the client.

The Abbot Program
The ADC program reduces your debt by negotiating directly with your creditors to create a mutually agreeable settlement, with the added advantage of a lowered monthly payment. Interest rates and often principal are dramatically lowered, there is no need for a loan, and if you follow our program, your credit report actually improves. This is the Abbot difference.

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